Winterton Fish Bar

The best chippy in Norfolk


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DEBBIE and Mark Cox had no idea how to run a chip shop

when they jacked in their jobs and took on Winterton Fish Bar.

But it was a leap of faith that paid off, because in the years

since they took over the takeaway has become an integral

part of life in the village.

A real family business - their two sons Ryan and Sam both help

out - it is hugely popular with locals as well as holidaymakers.

Debbie used to be a buyer for an electrical wholesaler and

Mark was the manager. It was he who suggested they take

over the chip shop. "He just wanted a change," says Debbie.

"I thought he'd gone cracked."

Nevertheless they decided to go for it and give it five years. They were welcomed by the village with open arms – that was 28 years ago.

In spite of their lack of experience, they managed to build up a business that now draws customers from much further afield than Winterton.

“We have people come in and they say 'We've been told we must go to Winterton and have the fish and chips' which is lovely. It makes you feel it's worthwhile.”

One of the ingredients for the shop's success is the friendly greeting customers receive. Debbie is happy to chat to them all. “You always make them welcome. Your customers are your business,” she explains.

And you never know who is in the queue. Once she met a hygiene inspector who was on holiday from London. He was very impressed with the shop's five-star hygiene score on the door.

Sometimes it’s a celebrity. The Chase star Bradley Walsh

was one who stopped by to pick up a meal and ended up introducing his family. Then there was the Game of Thrones actor Simon Lowe, who visited a couple of times on his holiday.

Another ingredient is the ingredients themselves – all fresh and local. The shop has had the same Lowestoft supplier for years and the potatoes are grown on nearby farms. Customers needing gluten-free diets meals can be accommodated and Debbie has even cooked fish in milk for someone who was on a special diet.

The fish bar is open five days a week in the winter and seven in the summer (for temporary opening times click here.) It’s hard work. Debbie and Mark will be at work hours before the doors open and cleaning up long after they close.

But it is worth it. A few years ago the chippy was named one of the five best in Norfolk after being visited three times by a mystery shopper.

Trade gets so hectic in the summer they barely have time to cook their own suppers, so apart from when kind friends drop by with a meal for them it's a case of chips with everything.

Telephone orders welcome - 01493 393302

WINTERTON Fish Bar is frying again, but operating temporary opening times and using social distancing.

Joint owner Debbie Cox said: “ We are running our business with lots of changes.

We prefer phone orders please if possible (01493 393302). We will be able to take orders at the door, but please appreciate we are not fully staffed.”

“We appreciate your patience and understanding in these difficult times. Thank you for your consideration. Keep safe and well. “