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News from Winterton-on-Sea, May 2022

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Deer in a tight spot

FIREFIGHTERS were called in to rescue a young deer that had got stuck behind the oil tank of a house in The Lane at lunchtime today.

The muntjac was seen trotting down the road past the Fishermans before it squeezed through a gate at the side of the property. It’s thought the animal, which was wedged upside down between the tank and a wall, panicked.

It was released in the field alongside the Holway after the crew shifted the tank slightly, enabling it to wriggle free before being caught, wrapped in a cover and carried to safety.


A rose fit for a Queen

TO commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Terry Byrne will be planting a Queen Elizabeth Rose on behalf of the In Bloom team at 10.30am on the village green next Tuesday (April 26). Everyone is welcome to attend.

The programme for the Queen's Jubilee party on the village green (June 5) will be published in next month's Winterton Newsletter.

Any donations to the fundraising stalls (cakes and plants) are most welcome and can be delivered to

13 Winmer Avenue any time after May 29. Alternatively they can be collected by contacting 01493 393843 with your address and preferred date and time of collection. Finally you can deliver to the village green on June 5 before 1200hrs.

Road closure

NORFOLK County Council proposes to make a Temporary Traffic Order affecting the U69645 Winmer Avenue from its junction with the C453 Black Street for 50m southwards in Winterton, because of new water connection works.

The road will be temporarily closed (except for access) from 10th to 12th May 2022 for the duration of the works expected to be about 3 days within the period.  

Alternative route is via: Black Street, The Lane, The Craft, Winmer Avenue

(If necessary the restriction could run for a maximum period of 18 months from the date of the Order).

Penalty: £1000 maximum fine on conviction and/or endorsement for contravention.

In the event of the start date being delayed the new start date will be displayed on site in advance.

The person dealing with enquiries at Norfolk County Council is Vinnie Purdy              

(Community and Environmental Services) Telephone 0344 800 8020.

Queen Elizabeth rose for Platinum Jubilee

MEMBERS of the In Bloom team gathered on the village green for a special ceremony to plant a Queen Elizabeth rose marking the monarch’s Platinum Jubilee.

It was installed in what used to be the children’s flowerbed by Lt Col Terry Byrne, who met the Queen when he was awarded his MBE. He told the group she was dear to his heart.

The hybrid tea rose, chosen by the Queen to celebrate her 70 years on the throne, was launched at the last Chelsea Flower Show. It has pink flowers and a strong sweet fragrance.

For every rose plant sold during the first five years £2.50 will be passed on to the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, an organisation that funds college courses, apprenticeships and training in traditional British craftsmanship, from armour conservation and farriery to millinery and instrument making.

difficulty in getting hold of materials. Even now he is waiting for carpet to be delivered. “But we are opening, no matter what.”

James is delighted the Hermanus will be able to be part of the jubilee. “It’s kind of an opening party for us,” he explained. Plans include a family fun afternoon on Friday, barbecues and pizzas on Sunday and family discos on both nights, with money raised over the weekend going to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine appeal.

And although there are no plans to bring the carvery back, the popular plated Sunday roasts with a choice of meats will be back on May 29.

MONTHS of blood, sweat and tears are set to pay off on May 28 when the main building at the Hermanus finally reopens for business.

It was shut in the wake of a devastating fire on August 3 last year, just as the holiday industry was recovering from the impact of Covid lockdowns.

Manager James Denton told the newsletter: “It has been full days, long nights and a lot of hard work. The concentration has been on refurbishing the main building. The character hasn’t changed, but the décor has.”

He paid tribute to staff who were behind much of the effort, including the chef who has proved to be a dab hand with a paint brush. Now they are preparing to welcome the public back to the heart of the complex and to take part in the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

“It has been a long hard process and there were challenges along the way,” he said. One of them was

Hermanus open in time for jubilee

Footpath could stay shut for months

IT could be as long as a year before a decision on whether to re-open a footpath between Winterton and Hemsby is finalised.

In autumn, following an appeal, a planning inspector directed Norfolk County Council to modify the definitive map of paths to add two routes, part of which went across the Winterton Valley Estate between the chalets and the dunes.

Campaigners were delighted and the council made the order earlier this year. But there have been objections, which means the ruling has been referred back to the Planning Inspectorate, Cllr Marina Carr told colleagues at the April parish council meeting.

Councillors heard a backlog of work meant it could be up to a year before the case is dealt with. The normal timescale is about three months.

Becky Durant, one of the campaigners told the newsletter part of their application, linking the

end of the Holway past the chicken farm to Bush Road, had been confirmed. But the section crossing the estate was what was going back to the inspectorate. The body had the power to confirm the decision after reading all the case documents or it could opt to hold a public inquiry.

She said: “I am still very optimistic. We stand a good chance and also, we are definitely heading towards a decision.”

A bid to reopen the route was started after it was blocked suddenly more than five years ago at a cut through from the estate to Long Beach Road, meaning people have to go through the dunes to get to Hemsby or risk walking in the road.

Lifeboat on the move

WINTERTON'S old lifeboat is to go into temporary storage at Scratby.

The Edward Birkbeck has been housed in a shelter in the grounds of the Old Rectory on Somerton Road for the past five years while undergoing work to restore it. But now it has to move.

Mencap is also consulting with families after deciding the site is no longer suitable for assisted living. In a statement it said: "Mencap is liaising with the families of the residents, but as the discussions are ongoing we can't share any further information about their relocation at present."

It is understood the site could be put up for sale by owners Samphire Homes, who were approached for comment but had not responded when the newsletter went to print.

The restoration group is in the process of packing up and preparing to move the boat out while it works on its longer term aim to find a permanent home in the village.

A 2018 planning application to build a heritage centre near the fishermen’s sheds was turned down by the borough council, but the group is focussing on another plan.

Launched 44 times from the beach, her crew saved 94 lives.    

Decades later she was abandoned in a Welsh harbour from where she was brought home in 2011.

Luna remembers the nose knows

COCKER spaniel Luna might have failed her sniffer dog exams but she proved she still had a nose for trouble when she detected an unexploded Second World War mortar round in the dunes.

Owner Steve Rose was walking her on April 24 and heading north when she ran off and started digging. “She was patting it and rolling it around by the time I caught up with her,” he said. “I rolled it over with my foot then, realising what it could be, left it alone.

“I took some photos for the EOD team and reported it to Norfolk Police. I used to be a special constable in Norfolk so was aware of the risks and process from the past.”

Luna, whose mum is a sniffer dog at Heathrow, was taken home by other members of the family while electrical engineer Steve waited for the emergency services.

When the police arrived he helped them tape the area off and returned home as the Coastguard got there.

Army bomb disposal experts were called in from Colchester and used a controlled explosion to destroy it.

Steve added: “I used the Three Little Words app on the phone to identify the exact location as it was very remote. It’s really good to get people to download so they can report their location to the emergency services.”

Scales shock prompts Colin's 100-mile challenge

WHEN Colin Jones stepped on the scales after his holiday in sunny Cyprus he couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing.

In fact he got on and off three times before he accepted what the machine was telling him – that he needed to lose some weight. So he decided to start walking.

That fitness drive has lost him a stone and-a-half and gained over £420 for the Royal British Legion.

Colin said: “I weighed myself and I thought ‘Oh my days! I need to do something about it’. I was 16st 7lb.”

Then he discovered the Legion’s Walk 100 Miles virtual challenge. The target was to complete the distance by the end of April. “I thought it was a great idea,” he said.

So he started going out every day at a good marching pace and aimed for a minimum of five miles a day. “It wasn’t like an afternoon stroll.”

Avoiding the roads he went up to Horsey, over through the Burnley Hall estate and over to Hemsby, managing to cross the finish line on the weekend of April 24 – a whole week early.

He thanked his family - who are all proud of his efforts - parishioners at Horsey and Winterton and a host of other sponsors for their support.

“It was brilliant,” he said. “I feel so much better. I’ve got more energy.

It’s got me fit and I’m going to carry on.”

He hopes to lose another stone, but he might not be walking at quite the same pace when he goes out for his next ramble because he’s bought himself a pair of binoculars so he can appreciate all the wildlife he missed watching while he was keeping up his speed.

Anyone who wants to donate can do so through his Just Giving page: