Food with a view

Seal View food Winterton-on-SeaTHE weather might have been best described as bracing but the welcome was warm when we dropped by Seal View for an end-of-walk coffee.

It appeared on the beach car park towards the end of last year and since then proprietor Debbie Hives and her staff have been dishing up drinks and snacks to visitors and regular dog walkers.

We found a spot in the cabin, which is dog-friendly, and treated ourselves to a mocha and a hot chocolate to go with a cheeseburger, Debbie’s posh version of a fishfinger sandwich and a portion of fries with hot wings.

They were served up in short order and we tucked in. The burger was a good size and juicy, the caramelised onions giving it added flavour. It was polished off pretty quickly.

Tartar sauce rather than mayonnaise is the secret to livening up a fishfinger sandwich, we discovered. A nice and crunchy giant fishfinger was served in a long bun with some rocket and a generous drizzle.

We shared the hot wings and although the spice wasn’t red hot, which is probably sensible if you’re going to cater for a wide range of tastes and tolerances, they were tasty.

The coffee was good and the hot chocolate was a real indulgence, complete with a swirl of whipped cream, mini marshmallows and chocolate sprinkled over. We decided to walk our dog Nelson a little further over the dunes rather than go straight home, just to use up some of the calories.