What's all the thrush about?

A FLOCK of twitchers descended on Winterton when a rare Blue Rock Thrush was spotted – the first recorded in Norfolk.

The immature bird, first spotted by Sean Offord on October 20, didn’t stay long. 

It stopped for a short break at the Hermanus and there was a later sighting when it dropped by the church.

Birders’ cars packed the holiday complex car park and they could be seen walking around the centre of the village peering into trees and gardens in a bid to catch a glimpse of the visitor.

Blue Rock Thrushes, the national bird of Malta, are widespread in southern Europe but much more rare in the UK. They normally nest in cavities in rocks and buildings close to the sea.

The thrush isn't the only Norfolk "first" Sean's recorded in Winterton. In 2008 he saw a rare Black Lark. The sighting of the native Russian bird made national headline news.